Hey Coach, how are you ? I just wanted to thank you so much for working with and your time and dedication. When we went to visit the QB coach had us in his office for an hour going over plays. He asked questions and know everything he was talking about. You taught him well and because of You he knew everything in that meeting. I just wanted you to know. Hope you are well and enjoying. We will miss you around here.
After working with Coach Whitlow I have become a better athlete both physically and mentally. He has coached me for 3 years and he has emphasized fundamentals while developing my skills as I have grown from middle school to high school. Coach Whitlow has given me great one-on-one training and my QB skills have really improved! I feel with Coach Whitlow's help I can reach my goal.
Coach Whitlow has been invaluable to my son's development as a quarterback and most importantly as a young man. We started working with Coach after 7" grade season when my son was a backup quarterback for the local middle school team. Coach Whitlow immediately started working on footwork and mechanics and also encouraged and allowed a weightlifting regimen, in an age appropriate manner, and he also encouraged running with the high school teams. Coach Whitlow's approach to coaching the whole child helped my son immensely the following season as the starting quarterback. This holistic approach on a player by player basis gave my son the proper foundation to learning everything he needs to know to be successful at his position while also building his self-confidence. After 8" grade season Coach Whitlow continued to help my son develop his physical skills, but more importantly he started teaching about offenses, identifying coverages and defenses and also how to mentally prepare for everything else that comes with being a quarterback. Coach Whitlow took a long term approach and encouraged him all along the way as he struggled to learn the offense and how to play the position. The ups and downs he experienced during his 9" grade season along with the help he received along the way from Coach Whitlow really paid off during his sophomore season as my son played smarter, was more agile and was much more comfortable in himself as a player. Coach Whitlow has impacted my son most by helping to develop his confidence and toughness. Morgan thinks the world of Coach Whitlow, because Coach earned his trust by telling him the truth and working with him to improve all the aspects of his game. Coach Whitlow has made a lifelong impact on my son and they still check in on a regular basis. Coach Whitlow is able to recognize God given gifts and encourage and strengthen young men to becoming the best player they can be, a better teammate and a better student for their coaches.

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